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Feb 21

The Successful Technology Coordinator
By Jeanette Parham
Technology Coordinators wear many hats. In order to do the job well, technology coordinators should be aware of certain techniques and strategies that will make them successful. Jeanette lists her strategies for success that include listing what a technology coordinator is, knows, and does, and she provides a checklist to measure effectiveness.



Professional Development Anytime, Anywhere

By Keith Restine, Martha Peet, John Rice and Louise Keeton

Texas STARgate's Online Professional Development for Texas Teachers

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  Tailoring Professional Development
By Joanne Tate
Successful professional development is like a good suit of clothes. It has to fit. Joanne Tate presents a wardrobe of professional development activities being tried on by educators in Victoria, Australia.
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  Staff Development Models
By Barbara Bray
Staff development comes in many forms, but what works is when a team of people really believe in making something work and fighting for it. If you are part of the curriculum or technology team at your school or district, you probably find yourself in the role of advocate for quality staff development. Every situation is different, but Barbara presents several models that exemplify high-quality staff development.
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  Media Workshop: Changing the Paradigm of Staff Development
By Donna Schnupp
This past year, Media Workshop, an educational technology professional development organization, experimented with new models and approaches to staff development: teachers learning along with their students. Read about Donna's approach and the results.
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  Good Resources: A Professional Developer's Best Strategy
By Barbara Bray
In a standards-based and constructivist learning environment, professional developers will want the latest research, resources, tips and strategies at their fingertips. They'll need good information about academic content and technology standards, curriculum frameworks and assessment strategies, research and reports on educational reform. There's a lot a professional developer has to know. Here are some great resources to get and keep this knowledge up to date.
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  Study Groups Strengthen the Learning Community
By Barbara Bray
Professional development traditionally is not part of the culture of the school day. Still teachers are finding creative ways to develop constructivist approaches to teaching within the traditional system. Coaching teams and study groups can be the foundation of your professional development program if they're built into the school day.
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  Issues About Technology Integration
By Barbara Bray
Integration does not happen easily. Planning is important, and having enough time to plan is essential for successful integration. The job of staff developer includes helping teachers see what integration in their classroom looks like and how technology can be appropriately and effectively used to reach student academic goals. Read Barbara's strategies and factors for effective integration.
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  Resistant Teachers: A Challenge for Staff Developers
By Barbara Bray
Resistance comes mostly from fear of any change. Many teachers are busy with their daily routines and can find any excuse when asked to add something new. But technology is not going away, and as a staff developer, you may be given the task to support all the teachers at your site and build their proficiency levels for technology use. Here's advice on what to do and how to do it.
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  Hooking Teachers on Technology: Finding the Right Bait
By Karen Ferrell
As her district's technology coordinator, Karen has netted many people in her computer workshops and watched them as they took the bait. Learn how she helps participants she calls coral reefs, guppies, octopuses, salmon, and sharks, and read her concern about the issues of training and one-shot workshops and some solutions.
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  Starting a Successful Mentor Program
By Suzanne Buza-Snead and Scott Walker
A librarian mentor can serve as professional advisor who has time-tested advice on issues and concerns related to library services.
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*** Between Technology and Teacher Effectiveness: Professional Development
by Joan Cunningham
Technology-focused professional development for teachers is critical if technology is to be used to promote learning. Here are insights into what some school districts done.
  Learn By Doing: A Hands-On Approach to Help Teachers Use Technology
by Barbara Bray
Staff development should provide opportunities for teachers to learn, plan, practice, experiment with, reflect about, and share the use of technology themselves.
*** Working with Reluctant Teachers
by Wesley Fryer
Here are some ways to help you help teachers who feel overwhelmed with all the demands on their time and see technology as just one more.
  Professional Development Anytime, Anywhere
by Keith Restine, Martha Peet, John Rice and Louise Keeton
Teachers in Texas can engage in anytime, anywhere technology-related professional development with an online professional development portal that delivers courses, resources, and tools.
Data-driven Web sites help schools and districts maximize their IT resources by making online content more "self-service" for users.
  NETS technology Standards for Students Students
  NETS technology Standards for Teachers Teachers


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